BORO at Amuse Museum, Asakusa

If you’re in town this week (in Tokyo, that is), run run as fast as you can over to Asakusa and check out the newest museum, Amuse Museum!


Because the exhibits there are fascinating! They’re great for elementary school kids!

Find Aomori Prefecture on a map of Japan. Then go back at least 100 years in time.

The clothing people wore in Aomori was made of hemp. Cotton was scarce if ever available. The women constantly repatched the few clothes the family owned, and when clothing was too old to wear, few uses were found. Nothing was wasted. This clothing is called “BORO”.

Ethnologist Chuzaburo Tanaka (田中忠三郎) collected the old clothing and household items. They are now in a museum.

Guess what? You can touch most of the clothing on display! Children

The current exhibit ends in a few days. I think the next exhibit will be equally fascinating.

Worried about your Japanese? Everything has been carefully translated, and if you ask for the terrifically kind Mr. Suzuki, you’ll get even more information in English.

You must see this!

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