Magic fingers and a ping pong ball

Find your favorite Unsuspecting Adult (UA).

Announce that you have recently discovered your magical fingers.

Majestically pull a regular pingpong ball from your pocket, and allow your UA to inspect it carefully.

Put the pingpong ball on a flat level surface, then look at it expectantly.

Encourage your UA to do the same.

Nothing happens?

Ah, you forgot the wiggly fingers part!

Wiggle your fingers back and forth over the ball. Repeat a few times, then watch as the ball gently rolls away.

The first secret?

Your UA will pay attention to your wiggling fingers. While that is happening, you gently blow on the pingpong ball until it rolls away.

The second secret?

Put the ball back in your pocket and trot off before your UA says, “Now make the ball roll back.”

A few more games to play with a ball.


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