Who Says Woof?

Okay, yes, you probably already have a bazillion animal sounds books on your shelves.

Please, run to your library to borrow a copy of John Butler‘s Who Says Woof?

I observed a Baby Sign class today, and the teacher read this book to help teach some signs. The babies loved it! Their moms loved it! I loved it!

Now we all know the sign for dog, and we all want to hug that baby mouse.

Finished reading? Read it to everyone you can find (and teach them the signs).

Then call your friendly farmer: when may you visit to see the new baby animals on the farm?

Thanks, Noriko!


P.S. Word Nerds:

a) You’re probably fussing uncontrollably over the use of who instead of what in the book’s title, aren’t you? *sigh*

b) Quick: what is a baby mouse called?


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