Think Pink Pink Cherry Pink

I think all of my boys are genetically programmed to hate the color pink.

But maybe cherry blossoms aren’t pink…?

I wonder, because I’ve already heard several students chatter excitedly about the approaching cherry blossom season. The boys have been much noisier and more eager than the girls about calculating the first blossom date, the peak viewing date, and when the blossoms will start snowing (falling) from the trees.

Yeah, maybe cherry blossoms aren’t pink.



Want to learn a whole bunch about cherry trees? Of course you do! A beginner’s guide to cherry blossom viewing: Cherry tree varieties. (Ask all of your tree-loving friends: How many varieties of cherry trees are there in Japan?)

One Response

  1. […] different shades of pink are expected. (Give the plum blossoms some love right now: use yellow, […]


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