Beautiful Butterfly

A Beautiful Butterfly is one of my favorite books at school. A little caterpillar must eat certain foods to become a certain color butterfly.  I read it mostly with the 2-4 year olds, but I also find excuses to read it with my elementary school-aged students.

The younger learners love shouting out the butterfly colors, eating the large images of food, and feeding their mommies the food on the page.

The older learners feel proud when they can read the book to each other

Yesterday, my first graders were the first group ever to refuse to eat the red apple, or the yellow banana, or the pink peach. Or any of the other food items.

Why? I asked.

Because, teacher, can’t you see?? There’s a caterpillar on the fruit! Who eats bugs?? they replied.


A Beautiful Butterfly is published by Apricot Publishing.


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