Crepe Cake

I can remember when I last ate crepes (just a few days ago! thanks, N-chan!), but it’s been a looooonng time since I last made crepes.

Every few months, someone mentions making a crepe cake.

A what?

A crepe cake!

Why have I not made a crepe cake before?!

Choose your favorite crepe recipe. Then, follow a specific crepe cake recipe or, more exciting, improvise as follows:

1. Make a whole bunch of crepes. (Buy them, if you’re in a hurry.)

2. Make a filling out of smooshed fruit, which you can – but don’t have to – add to something creamy, such as sour cream.

3. Put a crepe on a large dinner plate. Spread the filling on it, then put a crepe on that. Add more filling, add another crepe, add more filling, and then another crepe. Continue until you’ve stacked all of the crepes.

4. Let the cake settle in the refrigerator: give the crepes and the filling a chance to mingle.

5. Then slice the cake, pour a mug of your favorite drink, and start eating.

No, I haven’t made this recipe yet, so off I go to find the neighborhood kids: I’ll need help. You’ll help, too, yes?


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