A…a…Apple! C…c…Calendar!

This Apple Calendar was designed for AOK, a German health insurance company. Brilliant!

The calendar isn’t available in stores, so let’s figure out how to make it.

More images!

1. Get a loooong clear plastic tube, one that can hold different apple sizes (those Fuji apples can be huge, you know).

2. Mark off numbers from 1 to 31. Hang the tube at a slant on the wall, and put something at the end to keep the apples from rolling out.

3. Run to your favorite apple-producing place and buy enough apples to fill up the tube. (Be smart: buy a few more apples for random munching.)

4. Pile in the apples up to the correct date, then stand back and admire your work!

5. Worried about apple freshness after a month? Cut the tube in half and work 2 weeks at a time!


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