It’s time to go!

Dearest Gentle Reader,

If my math is correct (it almost never is…), this is my 1022nd post.

If it’s all right with you, I need push the pause button on this little blog, bake some blueberry muffins and people watch for a while.

With a bit of encouragement, you sometimes might find me scribbling a few thoughts over at Super Simple Learning and who knows where else I’ll pop up.

But you know how much I love to share, and of course I’ll be back.

See you later…see you later…see you later, take care, goodbye!

Big hugs and thank you,

EW Spider

It’s (almost) time to go!

My dad’s rule: Be ready to go 12 hours before it’s time to go.

I’d better hurry!

Flip clock screensaver available for free download at (this version is for snow leopard users).

Babies – The movie

Are babies the same no matter where they are?

Four babies (Ponijao, Hattie, Mari, and Bayar).

Four locations (Opuwo, Namibia; San Francisco, California; Tokyo, Japan; and Töv Aimag, Inner Mongolia).

One year. The very first year, to be exact.

One movie.

One fantastic idea!

So: are babies the same no matter where they are?

Please, watch the movie for me and let me know! (It’s not going to show in Japan?! Waaaaaaaah!)

Need chopsticks? Simply make them!

According to my always-entertaining cookbook The Heart of Zen Cuisine:

Long cooking chopsticks are excellent in the kitchen, especially for deep-frying and arranging foods on dishes. If you cannot find cooking chopsticks, simply go out and cut yourself some long, straight twigs, peel and dry them thoroughly, taper the ends, and finish them to convenient length and smoothness.



I’d better start now. This might take a while and I’m hungry.

How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by E. Codell

If you’re like me, you wish libraries were open 24 hours a day. Why aren’t they?

Well, okay, librarians need to sleep.

I understand.


Tip: Get yourself a copy of How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by Esmé Raji Codell.

Name a topic, almost any topic, and Codell is quite likely to have a book suggestion or two for you.

Sometimes she adds activities and teaching options. Sometimes she merely lists book titles.

Sometimes she provides background information. Sometimes she provides tips for parents. Sometimes she provides tips for teachers and schools.

Something on cooking and baking? It’s in there.

Something on crafts? It’s in there.

Something on the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum? It’s in there.

Something on hiccups? It’s in there!

It’s the next best thing to having your favorite librarian live with you. (No wonder: Codell *was* a librarian!)

It’s fantastic!

Jee Hevisaurus

Have you met Hevisaurus?

They’re certainly not The Wiggles.

They’re the Finnish heavy metal dinosaurs playing to sold-out concerts of kids! Songs are about monsters and homework!

Yes, go ahead, take a moment to visualize that. I’ll wait…. Need help?

Heavy metal drummer Mirka Rantanen wanted to write music for children. Naturally he started with music he knows well. Now he’s an Apatosaurus named Komppi Momppi (which would be a fantastic band name, yes?).

Ökäy, whö ëlsë häs ä süddën ürgë tö püt twö döts övër äll öf thë vöwëls?

P.S. The costumes aren’t vegetarian. But can you name some famous vegan heavy metal musicians? Cool!

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