PomPom ABCs

Someone needs to start a blog on ice cube tray activities!

This activity is great for letter recognition with your Excited Letter Learners.

1. Use a pen to randomly write letters in the spaces of the ice cube tray. (If you write on slips of paper, you can easily change the activity and letter order.)

2. Hand your Excited Letter Learner 5 small pompoms.

3. Show her how to gently toss a pompom into a space. This might be a big exciting activity all on its own, and you might not get to the next step. That’s okay for now.

4. Name the letter in that space!

5. Repeat with the remaining pompoms.


What else can you do? (Lots!)

a) Set up one tray with only upper case letters. Set up a second tray with only lower case letters. Throw a pompom into one space, then find its match in the other tray.

b) Say the sound that letter makes.

c) Say all the words you can think of that begin with that letter.

d) With a second Letter Learner also tossing a pompom, find out which letter occurs earlier/later in the alphabet.

e) With a second Letter Learner standing at the board or sitting nearby with paper and pencil, call out the letter and have the second Letter Learner write that letter.

f) Say all the classmates’ names that begin with that letter.


This idea was adapted from Learn to Count with PomPom Number Toss.


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