Jee Hevisaurus

Have you met Hevisaurus?

They’re certainly not The Wiggles.

They’re the Finnish heavy metal dinosaurs playing to sold-out concerts of kids! Songs are about monsters and homework!

Yes, go ahead, take a moment to visualize that. I’ll wait…. Need help?

Heavy metal drummer Mirka Rantanen wanted to write music for children. Naturally he started with music he knows well. Now he’s an Apatosaurus named Komppi Momppi (which would be a fantastic band name, yes?).

Ökäy, whö ëlsë häs ä süddën ürgë tö püt twö döts övër äll öf thë vöwëls?

P.S. The costumes aren’t vegetarian. But can you name some famous vegan heavy metal musicians? Cool!

One Response

  1. […] year there was Jee Hevisaurus, Finnish heavy metal for kids. Same country, yay, but Munamies is…well, a whole ‘nuther something genre. For kids. I […]


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