Need chopsticks? Simply make them!

According to my always-entertaining cookbook The Heart of Zen Cuisine:

Long cooking chopsticks are excellent in the kitchen, especially for deep-frying and arranging foods on dishes. If you cannot find cooking chopsticks, simply go out and cut yourself some long, straight twigs, peel and dry them thoroughly, taper the ends, and finish them to convenient length and smoothness.



I’d better start now. This might take a while and I’m hungry.

2 Responses

  1. i dont know how to use chopsticks :'( *sigh* will you help me? pretty please?

    • Hi brieanna! I could try to explain, but it might be faster for you to scoot over to your favorite video channel: someone has probably posted a nifty helpful how-to vid. Or your favorite librarian could show you a (cook)book or two with easy-to-follow diagrams.
      Let me know how quickly you learn!


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