BFF: Best Frosting Friendship

At the party, I should have been hanging out with those older students, those who hadn’t yet declared themselves too cool for school parties.

Instead, I was at a table in the back of the hall, demonstrating to a little girl  just what happens when one squeezes a bag of cream cheese frosting.

She watched me squeeze the frosting onto a gingerbread cookie, and soon a shy finger reached out to taste the stuff.

Oh yum, her smile clearly said.

Just when I’d decided my unartistic frosting skills were ruining her gingerbread cookie, she decided to try her hand at frosting.

Squeeze? Whee!, I think her toothy smile said.

Maybe she’ll go back to being shy around me next week, but for today, I was her new best frosting friend.

Thank you, cream cheese frosting.


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