The 53rd Grammys: Best Musical Album for Children?

UPDATE (February 14, 2011): Oooooh…I think I called ’em both right! Sorta.


Justin Roberts? No… it should be Pete Seeger with the Rivertown Kids and Friends! But oooh…They Might Be Giants!

Tough decision!

The 53rd Grammys were announced a few weeks ago, and we’re still having hefty discussions around here about who should win for Best Musical Album for Children (Category #76).

I think Julie Andrews will win for Best Spoken Album for Children (Category #77).

Who do you think should win?

Here’s the full list.Sunday, 13 February 2011. Mark your calendars!


(And oh well yes if it interests you, please do go back and read all of the other fascinating categories. How many other categories are you following this year?)


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