Make an I’m-Ready-for-Spring Garden

I was ready for spring a whole bunch of weeks ago.

Remember the Monster Cups? Set your kids of all ages to work making these I’m-Ready-for-Spring Gardens while you help me furiously hope for warmer temperatures.

1) Dig through your recycle piles for juice and milk cartons.  If you threw them out this morning, postpone the activity for a day or two while you replenish your supplies.

2) Cut off the tops of the cartons. How much? You’ll be putting in about 2.5-5.0 cm of dirt, so go for a container that’s about 10 cm tall.

3) Add the soil and plant some of your favorite vegetable seeds. Label your containers.

4) Moisten the soil. Moisten, not drench.

5) Cover with each garden with a plastic bag to help with the moisture, then put the little gardens in a happy sunny spot.

6) Check for moisture as the days go by. Start dreaming of your first salad or soup from these vegetables.

7) Some teachers may want to send the mini gardens home when the green shoots appear.  Keep them in the classroom if you can: easier for your school principal to understand and approve your urgent request for school-wide garden plots. (You *are* the school principal? Great! You know where to sign, right?)

No, this idea isn’t new, but Mudluscious has this cool way of making you think it is. Go get that book right now, please.

How to make those ice cream cone balloons

I say it’s too cold for ice cream these days, tho’ all of you serious ice cream eaters will likely disagree.

Looking for an almost-instant ice cream decoration?

Grab your leftover balloons and sprint to your nearest helium tank. Fill the balloons, then add pointy brown construction paper cones to the bottoms.

Get a whole bunch of them, and your product should look like this.

Best of all, these aren’t fattening and won’t melt for a while.

Nifty! Thanks!

Olympic rings colors

By now you can name all of the colors of the Power Rangers, right?


New challenge: grab your crayons and draw the Olympic Rings!

What are those colors again from left to right? Or from right to left, if you think better that way?

I vote that it’s okay to go with the basic names of the colors. No need to identify the exact Pantone colors, but no peeking until everyone has submitted a final answer.


The Pantone color of 2011? Honeysuckle. Don’t you dare call that pink.

Martha Stewart’s Valentine’s projects for kids

Usually I wander over to Martha Stewart’s out of curiosity, not out of confidence.

I just looked at all 27 of her Valentine’s projects for kids, and whoa…I’m feeling confident!

1) For all of you little ones who are still rather new to this planet, ask your favorite caretaker to make you one of these. Ask your favorite caretaker to make one of these for me, too, please.

2) Teachers with a whole bunch of kids: take their pictures holding three signs and make this accordion card.

3) Know someone who still reads those things called books in paperback form? Heart bookmark!

4) Entirely too embarrassed to stand there while your loved one reads your gushing sentiments? Send your message in code!

5) Five-minute no-sew fancification of your favorite button-down shirt. Go!

Grab your recycle bags and stuff them full of more ideas!

Jeeto! artwork! going! cheap!

You’re going to need about 3 seconds of your time to fall in love with Jeeto! canvases. And guess what? For a short time only, you can get your own unframed canvas for five bucks!

Five measly bucks!

They’re worth waaaaaaaay more than that.

Short time only, because Jeeto! is clearing out its large canvases – unframed – to focus on the smaller stuff.

Go look. Their stuff of all sizes is fantastic.

I don’t know if those fun feet come with the canvases, though. Continue reading

Make mini Valentines

By now all of you cookie eaters and graphic designers out there have seen the brilliant “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Pantone chip cookies.

Yummy, yes? Yes!

Go ahead, run to your kitchen and make a few batches of those. I won’t mind if you share with me.

I’m going to just swipe politely borrow all of Kim Creative Star’s other brilliant ideas for the next few years, probably starting with the mini Valentines.

Cures for Boredom! Thank you!

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