I want to ride my tricycle

She was churning down the street, feet furiously pedaling, body hunched over the bicycle handlebars, and going at what might be the speed limit if toddler bicyclists have speed limits.

Her mom, smartly dressed in heels, perfect makeup and not a hair out of place, calmly kept up with her, one hand resting on that push bar many parents use to push when the pedaling stops.

I was last on a tricycle only a few days ago. Both hands on the handlebars and one foot on that step part. The other foot kicked as if I were instead on a scooter, and indeed I scooted off down the sidewalk. A terrible influence on my nephew, I know, and I’ll sort of apologize here, but it was much easier and infinitely more fun than carrying that tricycle home.

But ever since then, I’ve been stumped: have I ever seen kids riding around on tricycles here in Japan? I don’t think I have! Smart people, please explain?

I’ll continue looking.

Oh…I still want this tricycle and wagon!


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