That jar opener activity for young learners

I am young! (Well, sorta. Not compared to my youngest students.)

I am strong! (Usually. Can someone else please carry those Christmas decorations upstairs?)

I scoff at those silicone jar openers! (Stick a flathead screwdriver just under the lid. Works just fine.)

But wait! You know those flat rubber jar openers, right? Instant toddler entertainment at bath time or at the water table! Show your bright-eyed toddler how to gently float a fleet of silicone jar openers on the water.


Or this…

Sneak in some color matching practice: carefully put a brightly colored block or small ball on a matching jar opener.

But not this….

Outdoors, your toddler can practice flinging those same rubber jar openers like frisbees, which is safe for the environment and almost as entertaining as watching your toddler practice skipping. Wheeeee!


Need more toddler-friendly ideas? Add Playtime Props for Toddlers to your arsenal!


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