Need a volunteer? Check your deck!

Now that I think about it, I probably am calling too frequently on the confident learners and the quieter students rarely volunteer.

Maybe you’ll want to try this tip, too!

1) You’ll need an index card for each student in your class.

2) Have the students write their names on the cards.

3) Collect the cards and shuffle them to the best of your abilities.

4) You asked a question. Who will answer? Draw the top card from your deck.

5) Who is it? Yay, instant volunteer!

6) Put that student’s card randomly back in the deck. This eliminates predicting when that name will reappear.

7) Keep the deck for future lessons.

Easy, ja?


Other uses:

a) Deciding teams/team leaders.

b) Checking/returning homework.

c) Deciding who gets to go home first, second, third, etc.


Much more on this tip is at How to Teach English Overseas. Got any teaching tips you can share with them?


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