Three little fishies? No, more! Munch crunch crunch.

Quick trivia: When were those goldfish crackers introduced to the United States?

Fishy math activity for younger learners

a) Have your child tell you a number from 1 to 10.

b) Together, show that number of fingers, and, if the child can, have her write that number on a piece of paper.

c) Then give her that many goldfish, plunking all of those crackers next to the number she wrote.

d) Repeat repeat repeat, but stop before she’s tired of the activity.

e) Oh wait: decide before you even bring out the huge bag of crackers whether she can eat everything she counts. You know me…I would always show “10 fingers! 10 fingers! 10 fingers!” Number crunching at its best, ja?

Oh yipppee: it’s a go-and-grow math tips page, so check back there when your child can eat more fish crackers handle more complex math problems.


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