Jeeto! artwork! going! cheap!

You’re going to need about 3 seconds of your time to fall in love with Jeeto! canvases. And guess what? For a short time only, you can get your own unframed canvas for five bucks!

Five measly bucks!

They’re worth waaaaaaaay more than that.

Short time only, because Jeeto! is clearing out its large canvases – unframed – to focus on the smaller stuff.

Go look. Their stuff of all sizes is fantastic.

I don’t know if those fun feet come with the canvases, though.

We’ve had 7 framed canvases hanging at our school since forever, and you can tell who the new kids are, because they spend their first few lessons debating which animal is their favorite. All the other kids have long ago decided, and they’re not changing their minds.

I am startled at how new our canvases look these days despite hanging in sunny windows, being moved during many renovations, and, of course, being poked and prodded by gleeful little fingers when we once unintentionally hung the canvases at eye level.

We’ve also worn big people sized t-shirts, and, like the canvases, the artwork doesn’t fade.

That’s some good artwork for you.

Go get yours right now.


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