That candy box mp3 player thingy for Valentine’s Day

Can I get your older kids to help me make a whole bunch of these for Valentine’s Day?

Even if the kids don’t have this particular mp3 player, I’m sure they’ll show me how to adapt the basic pattern, right? Let’s get started!

1. The earphones: 2 peanut butter cups or 2 kisses, 2 small circles of foil, one string, about 35 cm long. Cut off about 10 cm of string and tie one end of the shorter string to the longer string as shown. Wrap each candy in a small circle of foil, then tape the string to each. Tape the remaining loose end to the small candy box.

2. The music player: Wrap a matching piece of (wrapping) paper around the box of candy, and tape it shut. No need to cover the ends if you’re in a hurry.

3. Design your screen to look like the latest version of your favorite music player. Attach it to one face of the box.

4. Write a message on the back and you’re done!

Print these detailed instructions and meet me at the candy store, ok?

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