Cat’s cradle and other string games

Are you good at those string games? You know, cat’s cradle, the Eiffel Tower, airplanes, and stuff.

Simple, right? No! I’ve never gotten the hang of it!

Over the years, a whole bunch of friends, videos, and books have patiently explained and demonstrated, and then we’ve all been baffled by my results. For some reason, I always wind up with an awfully pretty pile of knots.



Good morning, everyone! Mind the train tracks, please!

My town recently hired a railway crossing talk-to-the-people man.

I think that’s what his title might be.

I’m always hustling with the morning crowd and therefore haven’t yet heard his full message, but he’s been urging us to be careful as we cross the train tracks.

Please don’t cross when the lights start flashing. Please don’t play in the railway crossing area.

He’s phenomenally polite about it all.

If I were in charge of the budget, I would have said there’s no need for him. The current barriers are good enough, and who listens to him anyway?

But he’s phenomenally polite about it all.

And I’ve discovered that when I stop to smile and say, “Thank you”, he smiles back, thanks me, and then continues with his speech.

Glad there was room in the budget for him.

Thank you.


(Grin-or-grumble-inducing railway crossing alarm clock. Listen for the train! Says suzudas, mind the volume after 10 seconds. は〜い.)

To knit a blueberry muffin

I don’t know for certain whether knitting improves reading skills.

How can it?! You’ve got your hands full of yarn, needles, knitting patterns, and whatnot!

Especially lots of whatnot.

I can’t read knitting patterns. If your kids can read knitting patterns, especially this muffin pattern, and if your kids will knit me a few of these muffins in blueberry, I’ll happily read stories aloud to them while they’re knitting.

I’ll take a dozen to go, please.

The General’s Teeth

Trivia possibly worth remembering: If you go by the Gregorian Calendar, the square root of 3 (√3) equals the year George Washington was born.

Tara Maglio recently wrote about an outing with her daughter at the Mount Vernon Estate, home of George Washington, first President of the United States.

Oh distant memories, Tara Maglio’s descriptions make me want to run over and see how much the place has changed since my last visit, which I think was a whole bunch of years ago.

Her descriptions also make me think that The General’s Teeth, referring to George Washington’s well-known dentures, would be a most excellent name for a band.

Or something.

Have name, need project!

That railroad breakfast set

I’ve always wanted a huge table at home for large family/friend breakfasts, brunches, and other useful meals. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours drooling over possible themes for such occasions.

You know those wooden train sets most kids have played with? Look at this grin-inducing idea!

I must get this train breakfast set, one per person! I’ll ask the invitees to bring tracks to help connect everyone around the table. They can work on that while I finish up the blintzes and blueberry muffins.

(Does that yummy bread come with the set? Or at least the recipe?)


Rice Cooker Pizza

Pizza made in a rice cooker?

Sure, why not?

Okay, so perhaps they’re more steamed calzones than Chicago pie. Someone has a recipe for rice cooker Chicago pie, yes?

In the meantime, I haven’t made these yet, and I’m not entirely clear on what I’m waiting for!

Reading those instructions tip: Not a member? You’ll have to scroll down past the pile of ads to get to the instructions, and then  look for the orange rectangle on your right to click to the next page of instructions.

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