Maine school district to spend $200,000 on iPads for kindergartners


Good idea? Or not so good idea?

Kindergartener? Or kindergartner?


Photo: Kindergartener Lucius Rice, 6, demonstrates to kindergarten teachers Sue Larue, left, Kelly McCarthy and Amy Heimerl, how to use an iPad as literacy teacher Maurie Dufour, right, looks on Tuesday in Auburn, Maine. Credit: Joel Page / Associated Press

2 Responses

  1. No. Children (In my opinion) need to live in a child’s world–of imagination and play. I live for gadgets but my son did not watch TV or use a computer until he was almost 12. The education we choice for him supports this philosophy but even if it didn’t I would not want my 5 year old engaging with an I-pad over a teacher or playmate.

    • I realize I need to know more about how this program will be carried out.

      I, too, live for gadgets, but as a substitute for all those nifty hands-on activities kids ought to have, I’d have to say no to iPads for kindies. There’s no app for happy messy fingerpainting or laughing uncontrollably with your friends, is there? (Is there?? I’ll have to check.)

      But as a *supplement* to certain lessons? Or as a resource tool that could also reduce the amount of paper I go through each year? Ah, see, then I go back to wondering what some of the options might be.

      I see multiple sides to this issue, including the mini-grumbles that a kindie will get an iPad long before I do…!


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