Oekaki uta: Japanese drawing songs

Do you suppose van Gogh happily hummed little ditties to himself as he sketched his various going-to-be masterpieces? No?

Oekaki, お絵描き, are short little drawing songs in Japanese to help budding artists doodle almost anything from an octopus to Doraemon to more complex anime. Watch a bazillion of these vids here!

Here’s a giraffe song. Note how the cuteness level is enhanced by the singing toddler. What she sings is below.

‘down’ ‘across’ ‘down’ ‘ across”what is it?’ (=Tateyoko tateyoko nandarona.)

‘Is it a TV?’ (=terebikana)

‘It isn’t a TV, It is a desk.’ (=Terebija)

‘It has a big light as well’ (=Okinalight..)

‘Oh dear something is strange, it has 2 bumps.’ (=Areare henda kobufutatu)

‘There are 2 leaves growing, too.’ (=happamo)

‘big snowballs and small snowballs are falling.’ (=Ooyuki koyukiga futtekite)

‘Oh this is a giraffe instantly.’ (=attoyumani kirindesu)

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, can you make your own songs?

2 Responses

  1. An adult student of mine just last week asked me to translate one of these songs for her. She wants to try it out with her kids. It’s hard to find words that fit a nice cadence, but I came up with something that is adequate. I looked for English drawing songs, but only found the one for Mario. Do you think Super Simple Songs will ever come out with some songs like these (hint, hint).

    • Well now you’ve got me mad curious to hear what you came up with! How can I convince you to post a vid/audio clip of you over on the Super Simple Learning FB wall? I’ll need help arguing that the masses want songs like these, you see (*grin grin*). Super Simple…Drawing Songs? Ooohh!

      I haven’t found (m)any English drawing songs, either, and it was only yesterday that I finally figured out what these songs are called (should have gone with the obvious….). Do share, please, if you find/translate more!

      Eeeps my manners: hi!


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