Run this little test

On your next definitions test, you pleasantly instruct your students: Define “run” and use “run” in at least 10 sentences to show you understand its meanings.

Says Simon Winchester in his NY Times article, the Oxford English Dictionary people have 645 meanings for this little word.


So while your students are working on that little test, you have time to run (ahem) over to your digital music library and find out how many of your songs and artists use the word “run”. I only count 53. You?

Z is for Zipper Song

Yay for me, the children in my classrooms have always been much more forgiving than my previous choral directors. I have no qualms about singing horribly out of tune to children.

(Singing to adults? All kinds of qualms there……)

Thus, this NPR report titled Fighting Parental Stage Fright is familiar territory for me. Trust me, parents: just sing. What’s the worst that can happen?

New to me is the term zipper song”. When you change the words to a song, when you “zip” out one line and “zip” in your own version, you’re singing a zipper song. Think “Old McDonald”, for example.

So that’s what it’s called! Not: “Hey I just made up a new song, want to hear it?”

Okay, now I want to know the official musical term for that. Anyone?

Those dancing pendulum waves

Well no, most of the videos on NatSciDemos’s channel aren’t young kid friendly.

That’s okay for now. Try to steer your budding scientists in other directions…just for a few more years (Nancy Blakey!).

In the meantime, join the bazillions of others who have been mesmerized by this pendulum wave demonstration.

Later, run to your favorite science teacher, borrow her looks-like-this-one-below pendulum apparatus thingy, and ask her to explain what’s going on.

Then, can you come back and explain it to me? Please?

P.S. Pen-dooo-lum? Or Pen-djuh-lum?

Zoo Playing Cards

Oooh pretty!

Nifty playing cards are one of my weaknesses.

Let’s send these zoo animal playing cards over to those serious card-playing people. I want to count how many seconds their poker faces remain…well, poker faced.

Game over in 5…4…3….

Besides, those players would promptly reveal all of their cards to everyone else, because like me they’d immediately start flipping the cards over to grin at that curious kid peering through the window.

Will you please take a good look at these playing cards???

Awww….! Want!


My current phavorite phonics phlub comes courtesy of one of my seven year olds.

Arrr! R…r…rabbit!

Esss! S…s…snake!

Teee! T…t…telephone!

Yooo! U…u…umbrella!

Veee! V…v…violin!

[Brief pause to catch our breath.]

What letter is next?






Puppet on a straw

You know those fancy-looking shadow puppets from Indonesia?

If your preschoolers can make those, great!

More my cuppa tea, however, is DLTK‘s take on crafting with preschoolers.

First you color your favorite picture (from a coloring book or your imagination), and then you cut it out using your favorite safety scissors.

Next you get a whole bunch of sticky tape and a straw or two. Use all of that tape to connect the straw to the picture. It should look something like this.


And you did it all by yourself!

Okay now go make another puppet!

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