Z is for Zipper Song

Yay for me, the children in my classrooms have always been much more forgiving than my previous choral directors. I have no qualms about singing horribly out of tune to children.

(Singing to adults? All kinds of qualms there……)

Thus, this NPR report titled Fighting Parental Stage Fright is familiar territory for me. Trust me, parents: just sing. What’s the worst that can happen?

New to me is the term zipper song”. When you change the words to a song, when you “zip” out one line and “zip” in your own version, you’re singing a zipper song. Think “Old McDonald”, for example.

So that’s what it’s called! Not: “Hey I just made up a new song, want to hear it?”

Okay, now I want to know the official musical term for that. Anyone?


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