Scoop and pour

I’d forgotten to keep things super simple for the under-twos at the spring party.

Race to scoop water into a cup and carry that cup 10 meters to fill empty water bottles? Ah, clearly most of them had never scooped water into cups before.

So then the major achievement was learning how to scoop water into cups. It helps to turn the cup right-side up again.

Then, with lots of physical guidance from their parents, they learned to scoop and pour, scoop and pour, scoop and pour.

Sometimes they poured mostly into the water bottles, by now placed directly behind them.

Sometimes they tried to drink the water.

Once or twice they poured directly onto themselves and their friends, much to the dismay of their parents.

Most were content to simply splash splash splash in the big tub of water.


Now I want to race back to the park for their next lesson and do it again.


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