Math, the Hopscotchulator Way

I don’t remember playing much hopscotch in elementary school but I do remember learning the multiplications tables by studying my flashcards (future topic: 101 uses for index cards).

Call your friends, find chalk, and review your math outside.

Draw a nice big calculator on the pavement.

Start with 1.

Think of an equation that will give you 1 as your answer, for example 1=3-2. Or 1= 0+1.

You have to hop to each key in the equation. Rules: one-footed hops on odd numbers, two-footed hops on even numbers and symbols.

Your friends can help check your equations. (But maybe each friend wants her own calculator?)

More complicated math? Sure, you can draw a nifty scientific calculator and solve for z. Don’t know how you’d check those kinds of equations, though.



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