Flying Watermelon Seeds

We just finished our food unit, and for the umpteenth year in a row, I forgot to polite-ify my gesture for watermelon.

You know, nice big wedge, chomp chomp chomp, and every few bites spit out the seeds.

‘Cept that’s not at all how parents want their children eating watermelon here, and the gesture is thus received with glorious blank stares.

So should I teach them about flying watermelon seeds?

You know, get a watermelon seed, squeeze it between your thumb and finger until it flies. More fun: aiming the seed at an opponent.

No, we don’t want to teach the children that, do we? ‘Specially not with those watermelon prices, right?

*blink blink*

Yes…we do!!

Thanks again, Nancy Blakey! Go outside!


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