Painting with Mister Kindergarten

Pictionary? I usually help my team lose: I can guess words…I just can’t draw them very well.


‘Cept now that I’ve discovered Painting with Mister Kindergarten, I’m going to practice practice practice, and I know I can help my Pictionary Team win next time!


But um…can you help me rig the game to include only Mr. Kindergarten’s artwork?

Math for Babies

Thoughts on math for babies? Share, please.

Somewhere I once read that 2 is often the first number children learn, because age 2 is often the first time children can grasp how old they are.

Somewhere around here I’ve heard that reading to young children is a terrific way to help with developing listening, writing, and overall language skills. The earlier you start, the better, they say.

How come have I not heard much about math for babies? Shouldn’t that skill be right up there with language development? (Two toddlers stand at opposite ends of a park, each playing with a simple toy. How long will it take for both toddlers to discover the exact same toy in the middle of the park and speed toddle over to get it?)

I’ve only looked at Little Math and Baby Math, and I don’t know anything really about how successful they are. I’m curious enough to try them.


Magic Squares

Got 9 bottle caps or small pieces of paper? Go make this!

The instructions are simple: How would you arrange the numbers so that the columns, rows, and diagonals add up to an identical sum?

Well, first I’d call my niece…….

I found this magic square in a museum a while ago, and I still don’t know the answer.

You already know the answer? Shhh, don’t tell me, please!

Oh…having trouble here…small hint? Please?

One Two Three Four

Somewhere around here, I’m pretty sure someone has been collecting links between childhood lessons and how we apply those lessons later in life.


And tell me please what’s the one-word name for this application of lessons learned? Oh, wait, I know: life.

And since this song hasn’t been stuck in your head for a while, here you go.

How to make that marble maze

Look, your plans for next Saturday morning are already figured out: you’re making this nifty marble maze!

Play it all afternoon!


Gluing on the go

Quite possibly the simplest and most logical craft tip for toddlers I’ve read in a while:

Before doing the project, I brush it with stamp glue.  Then the kids can lick and stick the paper craft together after they color and cut it out.  It’s less messy (for car or airplane travel) and a nice change from regular gluing.

So now you can combine crafts and travels! Whee! Just maybe nothing involving glitter, though, right?

Oh and you may also just have to briefly explain what a stamp is. *sigh*

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