Purple: Ok! Cows: Ok! Purple cows: Not so much.

It’s almost official: my middle schoolers have no intention of liking purple cows.

The drink.


Me: Do you like grape soda?

Middle Schooler: Yes!!!

Me: Do you like vanilla ice cream?

Middle Schooler: Yes!!!

Me: We’re going to make purple cows!

Middle Schooler: *blink blink* Purple…? …Cows? Oh!…Okay!

Me: Let’s go shopping!

Middle Schooler: *thrilled at the change of pace, too excited to talk*

Back in the classroom….

Me: Scoop the ice cream into the big cup!

Middle Schooler: Okay!

Me: Now add the grape soda!

Middle Schooler: Eh?

Me: Yes! Grape soda in the cup! Fizzy purple drink! Fun!

Middle Schooler: Oh……

Me: See? Try it! Yummy!

Middle Schooler: *takes a sip*

*does not take another sip*

*politely places drink to one side*

*eagerly reaches for the popcorn and chips instead*

Me: *sigh*


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