Those 101 Simple Salads

I don’t remember exactly when my sister and I started helping with the family meals, nor do I recall when we were promoted to preparing the full meal, often dinner.

I do, however, remember being enormously proud of whatever main course I had concocted, only to hear my mother wonder where the salad was.

The salad! How had I forgotten the salad?

Want some quick recipes? In case you forgot to bookmark it, The Minimalist introduced 101 simple salads for the season. Recipes 1-36 are mostly vegan, 37-54 and some of the grain recipes at the end are vegetarian with the exception of 52, which I believe belongs in the next section. The remaining recipes are non-vegetarian salads, just so you know.

Nifty challenge for you: arm your child with at least a month’s worth of salad recipes by the time she finishes high school.

Ready? Go!


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