Squeeters! Got one? Get one!

The next time you want to get everyone’s eyebrows flying all over the place, ask if someone has a squeeter you can borrow.

[Shifty eyes. Elbows elbows.]

Mind you, at 2 for a dollar, you might as well get your own squeeter.

….A what???

[Giggle. Snort.]

A squeeter!

A squeeter is that chunky plastic straw-like thingy you can stick into an orange. Then you drink the juice straight from the product without going through all that time-c0nsuming hassle of peeling and actually eating the orange.

[Stop giggling!]

I must say, though, there’s got to be a more official-sounding name for these thingies, yes? Squeeter???

My grandma had squeeters, I’m pretty sure she did, but until an hour ago, I had no idea what they were called. And I suspect Grandma didn’t really know either.

So. You got a squeeter I can borrow?

3 Responses

  1. Remember these when you we’re a kid. How come they are no longer made. As a kid I thought this was great. Used them all the time in my oranges. Someone needs to start marketing these again and not some chinsy bendy one, ours use to be strong plastic ones with the ridges on the bottom.

  2. Let me know where I can buy these squeeters. Whoe ever invented them ought to bring them back. Better for you than fast food!!!!


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