Beetle Bread

Oh for the love of fresh-baked challah…!

I’ll just stick to my standard 3- or 4-braid loaves, yes?


P.S. Define creepy-crawlies for me, please.

The See Me Smile Test

You probably have your first week of classes planned to the last minute, yes?

Please, make time for the See Me Smile Test as soon as you can.

Inform your students that National Laughter Regulations require you to measure their smiles. This news might be unexpected for most. Allow everyone a few minutes to practice.

Then, measure and record each ear-to-ear smile. Who has the biggest smile?

Oh, Regulations also require you to photograph each smile and to publicly display the results. A copy of the results should also go in each student’s time capsule.

Practice throughout the year as often as possible, because Regulations encourage you to repeat the test at the end of the year. Just so you know.


Japan’s Smiling Car.  But of course. *triple grin*

Growing that Tickle Me Plant

Birthday party? Need nifty party favors? Consider the Tickle Me Plant®!

With warm temperatures, these plants should sprout in a few days already, so order them now. There, one more activity planned.

What did I call this plant when I found it on Grandma’s farm? Mimosa pudica would be its official Latinese name, while chuimui is now my new favorite casual name for it.

Of course, if the teacher in you needs to turn this into an educational moment, check out the experiments page to get started. Then set your learners loose to see what they come up with.


Secret code backpack chains

Love gadgety technology, I do.

But I can’t remember when I last voluntarily memorized someone’s phone number or birthday. You?

Ah, these secret code backpack chains from Family Fun are the happy opposite of the latest gadget: that cool-looking beaded chain is actually your cell phone number in code.

Half the fun will be coming up with the code.

Half the fun will be designing and making the chain.

Half the fun will be trying to remember the code and what the code is for. (Maybe you’ll need to make a chain for that.)

That Noh-dancing robot

Still need to meet your randomness quotient for the day? Here, this should help.

Hoppity hoppity hop. *triple grin*

More on Toko Toko Maru (Japanese only).

And that’s all the randomness I can handle for now. I’m going to bed.

Onder gedonder stortend naar onder

You can usually tell when I’m feeling homesick for the Netherlands: I start singing every Dutch children’s song I can think of.

One of my favorites is this little ditty, called “Onder gedonder”, also known as the “Norwegian Wedding Party”.

Hum along, if you’d like to. The melody is awfully soothing.

Then can you come back and teach me how to sing this as a round…with just me singing? Please? Thanks much.

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