Muppets: The Green Album (NPR First Listen series)

Politics and politicians ignite passionate opinions among adults.

Apparently so do the Muppets.

Or rather, the Muppets music ignites passionate opinions.

Some people have clear opinions about which is the best Muppet song.

Some have clear opinions about whether Muppet remakes should be made, and, if yes, what sort of artist is best suited for that remake.

And for some? Please, no remakes. Don’t mess with nostalgia.

NPR’s Robin Hilton reviews the upcoming (release date is 23 August) album Muppets: The Green Album better than I can, so run over there both for that and for the nifty opportunity to listen to the whole album (no samples! yay!).

Fittingly, the album ends with Rachel Yamagata’s cover of “I’m Going to go Back There Some Day”. Aw.

Me? You know I’m the nostalgic kid on the block but I’m always curious about remakes. This is going on my do-want list.



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