On choosing which books to read

How do you choose which books to read?

Many teens I know latch on to a favorite author and inhale all of that author’s works.

Many teachers I know take a theme and read all the books fitting that theme.

Try my new favorite way to choose books: take an illustrator and read all of that illustrator’s works.

There are a whole bunch of reasons to choose by illustrator. The two simplest ones are that a) you’ll pay closer attention to the pictures, which is exactly what emerging readers do anyway, and b) you’ll read about topics you probably otherwise would have ignored.

If you love Kadir Nelson’s illustrations as much as I do, you’ll take an amazing and often delightful crash course in just about every topic from babies and telling time to playing baseball, from Shakespeare to Lincoln to Michael Jordan. As a fun bonus for you, just look at the authors he’s worked with. Brilliant work.

Run with your children to the library to get them all!

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