Dick Gregory’s Prune Nut Snack

After class, one of our students happily hands out prunes instead of candy to his classmates and the teachers, and I love him for that.

Dick Gregory recommended this prune nut snack recipe as an after school snack.

I am neither recommending it nor not recommending it at this moment, because I am still terrifically busy screwing up the courage to *try* it.

You go first?

Soak large prunes in a Mason jar filled with pure cold water in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure the top is tightly screwed on. Next morning, remove the pits from the prunes. Chop or finely mash nuts–almonds or filberts–in a nut grinder or blender. Mix the ground nuts with sesame seeds and honey. Stuff the prunes with this mixture. And there’s a snack better than any candy bar!

from: Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin’ with Mother Nature (1973, p140).


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