Please, baby, please

Amazon suggests Please, Baby, Please book is for 4-8 year olds, while the book cover suggests 2-5 year olds.


My under-2’s immediately connected with the little girl, launching animated lengthy conversations I couldn’t quite comprehend, while their mothers grinned at the familiar parental frustrations (new-to-them word: frustrated).

My 4-year-olds noticed that the story line is a day in the life of this little girl, while my 10-year-olds noticed the little clocks and then wanted to share what they usually do at that time of day.

My 8-year-olds seemed relieved that they don’t behave that way anymore, while my 12-year-olds liked adding their own words to tell the story.

Hey, Amazon…?

Yep, Kadir Nelson. *triple grin*

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