That Home Made Cookie Stamp

You know how you spent all afternoon baking cookie after lovin’ cookie for that person?

(You have baked cookies before, yes? For someone else, yes? You didn’t just eat the cookie dough? I digress.)

And you know how the first squeals from that person expressed amazement at being given a whole pile of cookies?

And you know how the next squeals from that same person are always some variation of, “Did you make these yourself?”

And you know how you’re supposed to be modest and say something along the lines of, “Oh it was nothing! Just a lazy afternoon in the kitchen!”?

And you know how you really really really want to be not-modest?

Get the Home Made Cookie Stamp!

Stamp your cookies, and bam: questions answered and baking-related modesty turned off.

Nifty gifty, yes? Yes!

[The Spoon Sisters via Swiss Miss!]


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