Two Two Peka

Any Topeka, Kansans out there?

One of my 8-year-old boys came to class wearing a sweatshirt with “Topeka, Kansas” written on it.

Always on the lookout for more personalized conversation starters, I brightly asked if he had ever been to Topeka.

Instant confusion.

“Been…to…Peka?” he asked.

I slowed my talking and deleted excess words. “To Topeka?”


New try.

I helped him connect the words on his sweatshirt to the location on a big map. He understood that.

Oh good!

Next, I pointed to my shirt, pointed to Tokyo on the map, and said, “Tokyo, Japan.”

Nods of understanding.

I pointed to his shirt and asked, “Topeka, Kansas?”

“No no no!” he suddenly cried, bright eyes indicating he seemed to finally understand what I was asking. “UniQlo!”

That clothing store?

Well, grin.

One Response

  1. Okay, now this is really funny! I live in KS about an hour from Topeka, our fine state capital.


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