Brothers of the Knight

If only I’d let them, the younger ones would gleefully sing “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat” clear through to next June. Version 1 is their favorite.

If I ask them, the older ones won’t voluntarily sing in class. But when I play “Knock Knock Trick or Treat” (Version 2) as background music, they’re a tad embarrassed to discover they’ve been humming along anyway.

In Version 1, most girls excitedly leap forward as ballerinas while the boys briefly grumble in the background, only to leap forward on the last verse as pirates, while the girls squeal as helpless damsels in distress.


I often use Version 2 to discuss future careers. Many girls want to be ballerinas. Many boys want to be soccer players. I suggest that the girls can be soccer players and that the boys can be ballet dancers.

Significant shocked looks.


I’m going to start reading Debbie Allen’s Brothers of the Knight aloud to them every chance I get.

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