Hiroshima and okonomiyaki

Have you made okonomiyaki recently?

I’m in Hiroshima now, which is famous for its version of okonomiyaki, which is why I suddenly thought of one of my favorite dishes, which I inexplicably haven’t made in ages.

When I lived in Nagoya, I often went to an okonomiyaki restaurant. The first time, the friendly owner explained the process: choose your fillings, we’ll bring everything to you, and you make the okonomiyaki yourself at the table.

That’s my kind of restaurant.

I usually chose kimchi, some type of noodle, and cheese.

Sometimes I added mochi, that chewy pounded rice cake-like food.

I almost always inadvertently grossed out whoever I was with.

Call the family ’round: making okonomiyaki is terrifically grin inducing! New to you? Happily, there are a gazillion okonomiyaki recipes and videos online. Try Maki Itoh’s version (note that there are links to non-vegetarian foods)!

Now, what’s for dessert?


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