Blue horse, blue horse, what do you see?

If you give a child a crayon…..

Years ago, one of our young ones was so very startled at seeing Eric Carle’s blue horse and purple cat that we teachers furiously mental noted the need to not alter too much a child’s perception of the world and how it ought to be.

We suspected this child was still grasping general concepts of horses, cats, dogs, birds, etc., and in this child’s world, horses ought not to be blue, and cats ought not to be purple.

Ought not to be?

Eric Carle would have tut tut tutted us to pieces had he heard that.

And clearly he still thinks that, as he just released The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, a children’s book precisely on the subject of how art ought not to be: art ought not to be what general society thinks it ought to be.

Give children the permission and the freedom to be artistic as they see fit.

In other words, go with the imaginative flow.

Purple fox, purple fox….


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