Just a Slug (Slug Poetry)

Slug poetry?



Because a slug somehow found its way into my home and was sprinting across the tatami when I came home just now. It is now munching quite contentedly on the edge of the paper I’d hoped it would crawl onto: how do I get it outside?

Oh, also because I think children need more poetry. (Everyone, really, but let’s start with the children.)

Oh, I’m a slug
a lowly bug
who never does a thing,
although I’d like
to ride a bike
or maybe learn to sing.

Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2009 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved

You really hafta read the rest of the poem!

Needs a bit of tune-age, yes? I think it should be set to…hm…which tune? Oooh! What’s that Pollywollydoodlealltheday song? That melody!


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