The Undercover Opera Verdi flash mob at Grainger Market

Oh you must watch this little gem of a flash mob! A gentle reader sent the video to me, and I promptly watched and listened to it maybe 5 times before wondering who the organizers were. It’s Verdi. Music first, details later.

These performers are bringing classical music to those who might not or can not get to the classical music. Every neighborhood should have groups like this one. The beauty of a flash mob is that you never know when and where the music is going to show up.

That should justify regular outings with the family, yes?

The minute you spot the kettle drums or a person waving a stick, that’s the signal: scoot closer to have a better listen!

And also: The Cobweb Orchestra? Brilliant name! (Word Nerds: you do know what cob means, yes?)

[Huge thanks for sending this, Anton Hecht! It made my day!]

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