I’m a superhero, a little superhero

Announce that tomorrow is Superhero Day, then send everyone home to find capes, sneakers, leggings, headbands, and all the other whatnot accessories superheroes require.

Remind your superheroes that they’ll also need to decide just what exactly they’re the superhero of. Helpful hint: it could start with the same letter as their first initial.

You, in the meantime, find your favorite fonts and your student list. Take the first letter of each student’s name and print it as a large chest letter. You can print them black and white, leaving the students to color and decorate as they want to.

The next day, put your costumes together, attach the chest letters, then line up alphabetically for a grin-inducing photograph.

After this, you can carry on with your lesson, but I would highly recommend lining up and  flying/marching/wiggling over to the principal’s office.

You know, just to make sure everything is all right there.

Don’t forget your own Superhero costume!

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