Mask on, mask off

You probably discovered a while ago that some of your toddlers aren’t huge fans of wearing masks.

And you’ve probably discovered that headband-style masks often work much better.

And you’ve most likely discovered that if you do make masks, it can take forever to punch holes and tape that tangled yarn in place. By the time you’ve gotten the fifth mask done, the first mask is already torn and ought to be laminated if there’s any hope of salvaging it.




When we made pumpkin and monster masks, Katherine, one of our teachers, discovered that simply taping wooden chopsticks to the masks and having children hold on to the chopsticks was a muuuuuch faster approach. Try it!

Plus our children were intrigued to discover they could control the mask on, mask off process.

Plus plus, it was fun watching them discover how to look through the eyeholes of the mask. *triple grin*

Got older kids who claim they’re too old for Halloween masks? Make masquerade masks!


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