That Amish Sauerkraut Pie

Often the most helpful response to, “Why?” is “Why not?”

That applies to Sauerkraut Pie?

Bake this when nobody’s looking. Stifle your gleeful grins when the family takes the first bites. Ever so most nonchalantly ask how it tastes.

This gets added to that eyebrow-raising dessert list that already includes pineapple garlic upside-down cake!

How to make homemade sprinkles

I worry that if I learn how to make sprinkles, then there’s a bit of a problem: finding something to put under the sprinkles.

Cupcakes, donuts, and ice cream go under sprinkles, yes?

Well, yes, I agree, that’s not a particularly stressful problem.

All right, then. Here’s that Instructable on how to make your own sprinkles.

P.S. If you can find it, you can substitute meringue powder for the egg whites.

P.P.S. Use a multi-opening decorating tip to make a whole bunch of lines at one time.

P.P.P. S. Use a pizza cutter to quickly cut the lines into smaller pieces.

P.P.P.P.S. I think you could make dots this way, too.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Okay, I’m done. Must find cupcakes. Bye!

that instructables on home made make yer own sprinkles

Those edible dreidels from Martha Stewart

“Edible dreidel” is not a tongue twister…is it? Hannukah starts 20 December!

I know, I’m skipping around a bit with the holidays.

It’s just that it might take me until then to find vegan kosher marshmallows around here. Oh wait, I can order vegan marshmallows!

And then oh I hafta practice my Hebrew writing.

And then I hafta find someone willing to try these.

Chocolate marshmallow dreidel, anyone?If your teeth aren’t crumbling yet from the sweetness, there are many more Martha Stewart marshmallow recipes among her pile of holiday candy. Make a dentist appointment before you head over there.

That quiz on missing characters from children’s book titles

Five minutes.

Thirty missing characters from children’s book titles.

How how how did I miss so many of these???

I am rather embarrassed.

And I’d thought that children’s book covers quiz was challenging!

Finished? Rummage around in your own book collection and make your own quiz, ok? Ok!

Ready? Go!

That hula hoop dome tent

Until 15 minutes ago, I was perfectly content with draping sheets all over the living room furniture to make one massive tent.

Then I saw this hula hoop dome tent, made for about USD10.00.

**blink blink blink**


Oops, sorry. Ahem. If I stop shouting, will you please oh please oh please help me make one?

I’m shoving all the furniture aside right now. There, I helped you.

Original idea from Obsessively Stitching, with just a bit more background info and larger images at Dollar Store Crafts.

36 Advent calendars

If you do Advent calendars and haven’t yet decided what style to make (you make yours, yes?), allow me to add to your indecision by shoving a whole bunch of links at you.

Hurry: Advent starts Sunday November 27 this year!

12 Advent calendars

24 Advent calendars

If you don’t do Advent but furiously adore the idea of daily little surprises and happy to-do items, check out those pages anyway: I see you working the idea into a manageable chore chart for the family.

Hurry: it’s one of the few times of year when the children are generally at their most attentive to anything you suggest!

Goodness, this one from eighteen25 in particular is beautiful:

Yes, yes, there is a whole pile of Advent apps. Too easy. More rewarding to make them, if you can.


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