The Case of the Levitating Bits Sand

“Hey, look! My cupcake has a little cave inside! How’d you do that?!”

Eh? Cave? **blink blink** Where’d the mini Oreo go??

My co-workers were delighted by the little caves, while I was desperately trying to act as if that’s exactly what should have happened. The caves shouldn’t have been there.

During baking, the mini Oreos stuffed in the cupcakes had floated up as if being abducted by aliens but then saved by a thick chocolate ceiling. The cream cheese blob inside hadn’t held the cookies in place at all.

Oddly entertaining, that.

Oh, Bits Sand? That’s what mini Oreos are called here.

Thanks to the Kraft Cooking School (not vegetarian-minded, just so you know)!

Need to print the recipe?


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