London Bridge is Falling Down

Funny was hearing “London Bridge is Falling Down” in Japanese.

Funnier was playing the following version of “London Bridge is Falling Down” with a large group of teachers at a recent workshop.

1) First, get the most rousingest, most marchingest rendition you can find of “London Bridge is Falling Down”, one that includes all 5 kabillion verses.

2) Next, gather the largest group you can find. The more, the merrier.

3) Usually when you play London Bridge, the first two people form an arch with their arms, everyone else happily marches under the arch, and someone gets “caught” when the arch people drop their arms on “My fair lady”. Caught people form new arches.

So far okay?

4) Try this simple twist: caught people start forming a circle — not arches — through which everyone else marches. On “My Fair Lady”, those caught in the circle join the circle.

Funniest is deciding you need to play this with all of the adults you can find.


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