Those thumbprint reindeer

If you happen to be near Overland Park, Kansas, could you please stop by the Pereschini family and thank them for sharing this smile-inducing reindeer thumbprint card idea?

Much obliged.

If you think these little reindeer are as heartclutchingly cute as I do, then slip an inkpad and a marker in your pocket: over the next few weeks as you wander around town, see where you can politely and anonymously and randomly draw a little reindeer. You know, just to induce a smile or three.

2 Responses

  1. How funny!!! I live about 5 minutes from Overland Park. No kidding!!

    • Really?? I might ask you to do an excited thank you wave in the general direction of Overland Park. Of course, it might help to first find out whether the Pereschinis are still in town!


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